Repair & Warranty

Barros Companies Inc. is committed to providing customers with unsurpassed service and product support.  Contact us with any maintenance, repair or warranty questions you may have regardless of who sold or installed your home standby generator!  Our Generac trained and certified technicians are on call 24/7, 365 days a year to provide assistance when you need it.


Your generator is a complex system.  Performing routine preventative maintenance on your generator is a simple way to add years of life to your generator, ensure peak performance, and diagnose small issues before they become big ones. Barros Companies Inc. offers both a one year “Silver Plan” and a two year “Gold Plan” service option.


Advantages of having a service contract:

 -No action required on your part.  We will contact you to schedule our technician to perform the preventative maintenance on your generator, and leave a service report with you. It’s that easy!

 -We will properly maintain your maintenance service records for warranty service.

 -Any factory warranty issues can be taken care of by us automatically.  Repairs needed beyond the scope of the agreement will be billed at our current rates, once approved by you.

 -No additional trip charges for repairs or troubleshoot calls.


Silver Plan (2 visits per year)                                      Gold Plan (4 visits during 2 years)

 Air Cooled Generator-$419.00                                   Air Cooled Generator-$789.00

Liquid Cooled Generator                                           Liquid Cooled Generator

70 KW and under -$499.00                                       70 KW and under-$899.00


For generators over 70KW please contact our office.


                                                 Click here for the Semi-Annual Service Contract