Protect Your Investment and Family

Your generator is a complex system.  It sits outside in all weather conditions and temperature extremes waiting to protect you.  But things can happen beyond anyone's control

Twice annually it's recommended to check your system so it will work during potential outages.  Don't let prior preventable problems hinder your family's protection.

Barros Companies services, checks and adjusts these critical systems so you are protected. 

During your bi-annual service we check the below items:

  • Check and adjust AC voltage and frequency
  • Inspect all fuel lines for wear, cracks and leaks
  • Inspect fuel filter
  • Inspect exhaust system for leaks and safety
  • Drain any accumulated moisture from condensation traps
  • Inspect air shrouds for loose hardware and leaks; clean cooling fins
  • For liquid cool units, check antifreeze levels and protection; clean radiator
  • Inspect control wiring
  • Inspect electric cable connections as well as potential fraying of cables
  • Check engine, starting system and battery
  • Check alternator for proper battery charging
  • Test protective automatic shutdowns
  • Look for vibration and noise
  • Inspect/check automatic transfer switch and weekly operation system
  • Check, , clean and lube all linkages
  • Check and clean all air passages, the air filter and remove leaves ect
  • Check and adjust all controls
  • Annually change synthetic oil, filer and spark plug and coolant on liquid cool units
  • Annually check operation by simulating electrical outage, transfer of loads and shut down