Customer Testimonials

Another happy customer!


THE place to buy a generator

We purchased our Generac 20KW generator from Barros Companies three years ago. The installation was on-time and flawless. Since then we have maintained a service contract with Barros. Their technicians are professional and informative and always come when promised. We highly recommend Barros Companies as THE place to buy a generator.


Professional Installation

Just want to say what a professional installation The Barros Companies in Foxboro, Mass. did on our Guardian 11 kw generator. Everything was handled expertly, from the initial sales visit to refilling the trenches and restoring our walkway. I'd gladly recommend them.

-Peter, Southboro, MA

Would Recomend to All

While I can't review the quality of the Generac because the installation was just completed and it just ran its first weekly start, I can highly recommend Barros for sales and installation. Right from the beginning when John Barros made his no pressure sales call to my home to the instruction I received on its operation at completion I received nothing less than the highest quality of information and work ethics from the whole Barros team. Each step of the way I was kept informed on what was happening and why certain action were preformed. At completion my home was left in the same condition its was in when they started. Workers arrived promptly as scheduled and left a spotless work area when they completed their tasks always willing to answer my questions and informing me what the next step would be. the Installation was completed in a timely manner. I would recommend Barros to any one considering a whole house automatic generator

-Dave, Jamestown, RI

Barros Company is very professional.

This dealer had provided all detail for installation. No unpleasant surprise after signing contract. The work was done on timely base and responded any questions I had.

-Ashvin, RI

A Team of Dedicated Pro's...

Dear John, Too often it seems as though we're living in an age dominated by impersonal phone voices, inadequate workmanship and frustrated customers. How refreshing it is to realize there is a team of dedicated pros who constantly produce positive results for those they serve. The Barros Companies team is unique. Your expertise and client consideration are outstanding. Having experienced and benefited first hand from your thoroughness and consistency, we continue to enthusiastically endorse and recommend you to others. Hats off to you as head coach and your entire team, constantly giving new meaning to the words "customer service and satisfaction". Best Wishes, Charlie

-Charlie, Barrington, RI

A ringing endorsement for Barros' Service!

I seldom give testimonials, but in the case of the Barros Companies, I think they deserve a ringing endorsement for their customer service and generator upkeep. In the midst of the worst winter in New England history, their representative rang my doorbell on a snowy day to do preventative maintenance on my Generac generator. The procedure took over an hour on a freezing day and he began and ended with a smile. I was very impressed with the company and the employee’s dedication and recommend them highly.

-Matthew, North Providence, RI

A great job all around.

I was very impressed with your whole organization. When John came out, he was professional and left me with a quote. Your guys were very professional; from the two guys who dropped off and located the generator to the plumber to the two who upgrade the service and wired the generator. A great job all around.

-Mike F, N Easton MA

He fixed my generator in 10 minutes and now my generator turns on automatically...

I had a Generac generator installed 4 years ago as part of a larger home remodel in Barrington, RI. The generator was improperly installed such that I would have to manually start it when power shut off. It also would not perform its weekly self test. In 2013 I had to jump its dead battery in the middle of a snow storm! I could not find a Generac expert so I tried 2 local electricians who could not fix the problem. Thankfully in April of 2014 i noticed a Barros Generac team on my street doing work. I contacted them and in 2 days Josh from Barros came to my house. He fixed my generator in 10 minutes and now my generator turns on automatically and tests itself weekly as it is supposed to! (I am even surprised how happy this makes me). Not surprisingly i am now a Barros annual maintenance customer. Thank you Josh and Barros.

-Jim L. Barrington, RI

You really have the most amazing employees from beginning to end!

Yesterday Nick showed up to check my generator....You really have the most amazing employees from beginning to end. The odds of everyone being that professional, knowledgeable and kind are rare. Nick added a whole new level of peace-of-mind by testing the equipment, finding a glitch and explaining everything perfectly... The other reason I'm boring you with this story is because when I spoke with Generac, they mentioned that you are their favorite company to deal with. People usually only take the time to complain, so I thought I should pass along the high praise you all deserve.

-Tiffany G. Rhode Island

The generator works so well I bought two more for each of my children.

The generator works so well I bought two more for each of my children. Now when the power goes out my children and grandchildren can still enjoy the comfort of their own home.

-Paula, Salem, NH

We had the whole family over for the Christmas holiday and when the power went out we had heat, lights, and cooking from our backup generator.

We had the whole family over for the Christmas holiday and when the power went out we had heat, lights, and cooking from our backup generator. Our holiday wasn't ruined!

-Ernie, Marston Mills, MA

Each step was Precise and Provided me with Peace of Mind

After investigating several companies, I decided to go with the one that had the quality, dependability and full service that Barros Companies provided. From the salesman to the workmen, each step was precise and provided me with peace of mind. The inspectors were contacted by the Barros people and the installation process was planned and went smoothly. I've already had neighbors over to view the quality workmanship and to tell them of my complete satisfaction.

-Darlene K., Marshfield

The unit is a life saver - AND - the company is HIGH CLASS.

Between the sales staff, unit installation, the natural gas pipe-fitting, the electrical installation and the craftsmanship employed in installing my 14kw unit, I am EXTREMELY pleased and satisfied with Barros Company! They are top of the line in this business as far as I am concerned. The technicians were SMART, PROFESSIONAL, and they all had a good sense of humor when dealing with them. And guess what - EVERY EMPLOYEE on the job spoke extremely well of the ownership (of Barros company) - and that was the sign I needed that this was a top notch group. They could not have been nicer and could not have done a better job at getting this job done well. I have been referring Barros left and right to everyone I know! You are crazy if you do not get one of these units installed by them. The unit is a life saver - AND - the company is HIGH CLASS. Hats off to Barros Company!

-Paul V., West Roxbury, MA

You could not ask for a more reliable company to deal with!!

The Barros Companies is a one stop operation when it comes to installing a natural gas generator. They have their own electricians and plumbers to insure the job is down correct!! Since the initial installation they service the generator twice a year under a nominal service contract. When you lose power in the middle of winter; you want to make sure the generator will kick on and run forever if necessary and ours has run for four days when we have lost power. Well worth the investment... You could not ask for a more reliable company to deal with!!

-Jay F., East Falmouth MA

Kept power on through the outage

In mid-July, our area had a power outage due to intense heat/electrical demand. Our Generac generator kicked in with in seconds and kept us powered for the 2 hour outage. Thanks again! I am very please with my investment in Barros Companies and the Generac unit.

-Ed R., Billerica, MA

Professional, extremely helpful and polite throughout the entire process

My wife, Robin, and I wanted to tell you how wonderful ALL of your staff have been involving our recent 11kw generator installation. From the very first call I made to your business asking about a whole-house generator to yesterday's walk-through, each of your staff have been professional in addition to extremely helpful and polite. Let me name a few: Ed Brablc was the first person we met when he came-out, view the house and generator location and determined the appropriate size for our house. Very helpful! Lisa and Joan for their scheduling expertise and friendly calls to inform us all the way though the installation and inspection timing. Adam and Jared who delivered the generator, dug the trench and informed me of what to expect next. Steve the plumber, who did a professional job hooking-up the gas and prepping for the inspection. Dave the electrical and his assistant Brian: They had a very long run from the generator to our breaker-panel, on which they did a fabulous job. {They even found I had a "cut-wire" (nothing to with their work) on a cable from the main to a sub-panel. Dave told me about it and offered to patch-it-up so it would not be a danger to our use of the house. Pretty impressive!!!} They also had to run a seperate wire back to the above mentioned sub-panel so out big TV would work during an outage. Nick, electrician, came yesterday and true-to-form he was as nice as all the rest and as helpful-giving us step-by-step walk-through of the generator operation and registration-of the stand-by computer program set-up. Thank you and know that will gladly brag to everyone about Barros Companies.

-Todd & Robin L., East Sandwich, MA

Friendly, Personable and Informative throughout the entire process.

Today, 11/8/2013 you completed the installation of a 20KW Generac generator and here are our thoughts on the process. Generator delivery and set up: they did everything by hand! First, they had to clear a space and install the concrete mounting pad, which must weigh a few hundred pounds, placing it perfectly square using a bubble level. Then they had to get the 500lb generator off the truck and onto the pad. Next to top it off, they had to dig a trench from the house to the generator. Think anyone can do it? Not so, it was about 12 feet long and 3 feet deep and they dug it by hand and to perfection. It was plumb and true almost as if they had a bubble level in there heads. Propane: They guy did an absolute great job installing, setting up and connecting the propane supply to the generator paying extra attention to every detail. He even painted the pipes he installed all around...not just the part you could see. Electricians: They designed and then created a superb installations and it wasn't easy because of the low ceilings, the beam holding up the house and garage door hardware that was in the way. It required a lot of skill and imagination. They were meticulous in every detail and the work site cleaner than when they started. Wind up: Your men filled the trench and leveled it off to perfection. Every crew was friendly, personable and informative. We thank the entire team

-Dave and Dorothy R., Harvard, MA